Newpark Care Centre is our residents' home- a place to feel safe and cared for; a place to enjoy a life enriched by pleasant surroundings, good, food, strong bonds and excellent standard of care.

Our approach is not one routine fits all, but rather a more personal care plan that makes allowances for the individual. We claim for excellence in balancing physical care needs with emotional ones, taking a holistic approach to caring for residents and helping them to lead as happy and fulfilling a life as possible.


Long Term Care

As people grow older, they may find that they need more help with managing day-to-day tasks. Perhaps an illness, a disability, or the needs of family, friends or carer, has changed the way things were and changed the person’s ability to live unsupported.

short term care

Short Term Care

For the person being cared for, a short stay can be a preventative health measure, reducing admissions to hospital, as well as being ideal for those looking for convalescence following a hospital stay or an illness.

dementia care

Dementia Care

Dementia is closely associated with age - as people achieve older age they are  more likely to develop dementia. Best estimates are that there are currently around 47,000 people with dementia living in Ireland and this figure is expected to rise to over 130,000 by 2041.


Physiotherapy and Exercises

Our goal at Newpark Care Centre is to get you back to your best possible physical function with therapeutic exercise and mobility programmes. All residents are individually assessed and a treatment plan discussed and put in place by our physiotherapist. 


Activities can help a person maintain their skills and give a sense of achievement. We offer a wide range of activities for residents which are flexible and adapt to the residents changing abilities and moods.

The residents care plan is inclusive of the following one-to-one and group activities:

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